ANAA educa

Developing emotional intelligence through

the human-animal bond

About Us

ANAA is a non-profit animal advocacy organization whose main focus is to promote responsible pet ownership and foster empathy and respect for all living creatures. This is why, in 2006, ANAA Educa was born. Since then, our educational project has earned public recognition and been awarded by different institutions such as Fundación Vodafone and Fundación Affinity.


All members of the ANAA Educa team are volunteers.

We believe it is only through education that we can develop the skills necessary to learn how to be. We plan and give workshops and lectures to both primary and high school students. Our activities involve situations in which what we learn from the relationship between humans and animals can be applied to the human-to-human interaction. Thus, we foster values that are key to ensure peaceful coexistence, regardless of the species.