How to adopt

When you adopt in ANAA, you are saving two lives: the pet you bring home, and the one that takes its place in our Adoption Center.

ANAA´s Adoption Center is thought out to be a temporary solution for all rescued animals as the main goal is to find them a forever home: a family that can provide them with a good quality of life.

There are two ways to adopt a pet from our shelter: you can either make an appointment by email or phone 91 667 20 36 (Mondays to Fridays from 12 to 2 p.m.), or you can visit the Adoption Center any Saturday from 12 to 6 p.m.

All animals are up for adoption once the required legal holding period is over, and after passing both the behavioral and medical assessment. They will remain in our facilities indefinitely until we find them a forever home.

ANAA’s team will follow up with adopters to make sure rehomed pets are adjusting well to their new life and, if necessary, will conduct visits and interviews before and after the adoption.


Adoption process

Once you’ve made the important decision to adopt one of ANAA’s animals, the adoption process begins, with an interview and your first contact with our animals. It is important that all members of the household agree to the adoption and come to the shelter to meet the prospective new family member.

Once at the Adoption Center, your family will be interviewed by one of our volunteers to know more about your previous experience (if any) with other pets, house type and surroundings or living conditions, among other issues. Your family will also be informed about ANAA’s Adoption Contract and the terms of the agreement, and volunteers will help you find the perfect companion among all the animals living at the shelter to ensure a successful match.

The duration of the adoption process may vary depending on the number of staff members available at that moment; the number of potential adopters and the duration of each particular interview.

Adopters that already own a dog have to bring it to the shelter for a meet-and-greet with the potential new pet, to ensure chemistry between the two animals won’t be an issue.


When adopting an adult dog or a puppy in ANAA, you will take it home vaccinated, dewormed, tested for canine leishmaniasis, sterilized, identified with a microchip and with an international passport.


If you decide to adopt a cat, ANAA will hand it over to you vaccinated, dewormed, tested for feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus, sterilized, identified with a microchip and with an international passport.

Other animals

If you adopt an exotic animal, you will take it home vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, identified with a microchip and with an international passport.

International adoptions

Given that the number of national adoptions does not make up for the abandonment rate in Spain, practically half of all animals rescued by ANAA end up finding a forever home abroad.

Special adoptions

These animals are looking for a forever home. They have something special that makes them different, and they deserve their own section.