Adoption Center





After more than a decade of hard work, ANAA‘s new Adoption Center finally opened to the public on November 1st, 2003. Built relying on the experience gained after 11 years working with animals, and introducing ideas from various European shelters, the Center rapidly achieved national recognition. The shelter has a capacity of 150 dogs, 40 cats and 15 rabbits and, nowadays, is taking in over 2,000 abandoned animals per year.

During their stay, all animals receive proper care: food, exercise, love and veterinary treatment. However, ANAA‘s Adoption Center is thought out to be a temporary solution as the main objective is that those animals get adopted by a family that can provide them with a good quality of life.

In ANAA‘s Adoption Center both hired personnel and volunteers, who selflessly give of their time, work together to ensure the best conditions possible for the animals..


Our Center has independent buildings for each species and different health status (housing units and quarantine facilities for dogs, cats and other animals), veterinary clinic, two operating rooms, X-ray room and hospitalization area, plus a therapeutic bath room and an office, among other facilities.

Quarantine facilities

Every animal that arrives at the Adoption Center will be placed in quarantine and kept under observation in a special facility. There are three quarantine units for cats and two units for dogs, one for puppies and another one for adult dogs. During this time, they receive veterinary care from ANAA’s veterinary team, who works daily to ensure the optimal health of all animals staying in our center. During quarantine, every animal must undergo a thorough veterinary examination which includes blood tests (to detect diseases such as canine leishmaniasis, ehrlichiosis or feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus); deworming and vaccination, as well as any other treatment the animal might need. Once the animal is healthy, it will be sterilized, both males and females. After quarantine, they are discharged and moved to the adoption area.


Dog housing units

In this area, adult dogs are separated according to their size and compatibility in groups of four to five in one of our 40 rooms. Each room has a radiant heated indoor section and an outdoor area. Besides, all kennels have access to one of our eight big playgrounds, where dogs exercise daily.


Puppy housing units

Due to their weak immune system, puppies need to be isolated from adult dogs until they’ve received a full set of vaccines. This building, separated from any other dog housing unit, keeps them safe and allows potential adopters to see them on adoption days (Saturdays). During the week, all puppies live with and are taken care of by our foster families.


Cat rooms

Once discharged from quarantine, cats that arrive at ANAA´s Adoption Center are moved to the cat’s building: an area specifically built to meet their needs. It consists of four rooms, each one with a radiant heated indoor section and an outdoor playground, where up to 40 cats can cohabit and share games until they are adopted.


These animals have their place in the Adoption Center too. Three boxes and a storage room make up the building, that has direct access to a pasture, where horses, sheep and goats have already been taken care of.


Main building

This building comprises different facilities: an adoption area and office, a hospitalization area, an X-ray room, two operating rooms and two examination rooms, a storage room, a pet shop and restrooms.


Rabbit housing units

This building, specific for rabbits, has five rooms with capacity for up to 15 rabbits. Each one has an indoor area with a heating system and an outdoor playground.

clincia veterinaraia anaa

Veterinary clinic

Our clinic has two examination rooms, two operating rooms, an X-ray room and hospitalization rooms for ill animals.

edificio interior adopciones 2

Administrative offices

It comprises the adoption area, a shop, a locker room for volunteers, restrooms and a storage room.



This is where some of our staff members live. The shelter is left in their care and they look after all animals. .

ANAA´s Adoption Center has a 24/7 monitoring security system and is permanently guarded.