Corporate Volunteering

Live a unique experience in the work days of Corporative Voluntary in ANAA

Your company can help us to save a hundred of animals

ANAA gives the workers of your company the opportunity to do very dynamic voluntary activities, as easy of learn as gratifying over the day in our Adoption Center.

A work day where you can receive information about the responsible possession, the education and the animal behavior, know the activities and the facilities of the Adoption Center, just as go for a walk and groom the pets, support the remodeling of the required areas, among other things.

ANAA have a professional team in charge of organize, supervise and impart information necessary for the develop of each activity, taking advantage, encouraging and canalize the potential of each participant.
An unforgettable experience that it won’t leave you indifferent.

What benefits does it brings?

  • It implies the employees in the Community Welfare of the company and let them know the politics of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Improves the union of the team, supporting to generate a feeling of belonging and identification of the company.
  • Develop the internal communication, helps to motivate, promote the teamwork, improves the personal satisfaction and the self-esteem of the employees that get involved.
  • It helps as a test for the workers to maintain the practice of the voluntary work by different ways in their free-time once they have tested through their company.

If you want your employees have the chance to know what and what is doing ANAA don’t be hesitate to contact with us. For more information, contact with or