What do we need?

A Little bit of everything…

Human Means


Volunteers with common sense, responsibility and with a high grade of commitment, who are decisive and have initiative.


The shelter is not place for puppies and kitties, since many of them arrive without vaccinating and very weak. There, even if we are careful with them the youngest can get sick.

The volunteers usually take them to their homes, but sometimes there are more puppies and kitties than houses available. We need people who they don´t mind to take care of puppies and kitties in their house while we are looking for a family for them. If you are interested, click here.

Flight benefactor

We need people who can travel to Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland and don´t mind to take one of those cats and dogs which have found a family in one of these countries. We bearing the expenditure of check in the animals and other costs. Finally they are picked up at the same airport of destination. Learn more about Flight benefactor.

Delivers moneyboxes

You can help us delivering moneyboxes among the diferents veterinary clinics of your neighborhood or your well-known stores. We deliver them to you and you are responsible of warn us when they are full of money or go to them to change the moneyboxes occasionally. We need finance of all over the place to help our friends.

Material Means

Pet Carrier

Pet Carriers (cages to transport animals): They are cages which are used to transport animals, there are many sizes and we use them very often: to move cats, take the dogs to the veterinary, to a surgery…

Especially the pets which have found a new home in Germany. Also, these pet carriers are difficult to recover them and every so often we need to buy them again, besides, they can break.

We always need them.

Places to settle cats colonies

We pick many cats from the street, most of them are abandoned and sociable, so we look for a family for them.

But many of them have borne and lived in the street and they are not happy living in a house or an apartment, perhaps, they cannot stay outside because the obvious inconvenients (constructions, bad people who can poison them.

For these cats we need outdoor places, insurances, some kind of shelter (we can provide the structures) for relocate groups (colonies) of unsociable and healthy cats. When we pick them up, we analyze them, sterilize and vaccinate.

These casts are healthy, they don´t transmit any disease and they don´t reproduce uncontrollably, they only need someone who feed them and a temporary control. The places must be safe, far from the roads, neighbours who can feel annoyed and far from areas where there are a lot of dogs or other potential threats.

In exchange, they can control the possible rodents and entertain you with their games and prank larks.

Sanitary material

We only need external antiparasite (Frontline, Ex.spot), internal (Canex y Praziquantel), Augmentine 500, Vibracina, Clorhexidina, Flagyl, syringes de 2, 5 y 10 ml; needles, alcohol, gauzes.

Cleaning material

We constantly need to clean and disinfect the installations. Products like household cleaner and bleach, kitchen or industrial paper; utensils such as buckets of water, mops and brooms are quickly deteriorated for the wear and tear, and we are frequently replacing them.

Dog collars, dog leashes…

They are necessary to take the dogs for a walk. They deteriorate over time and nowadays, we have a few of them. Besides, it would be very appreciated if you give us collars and leashes that you don´t use anymore.

Blanket and Large towels

We use Blankets only in Winter, because in summer we don´t use them and there is not space enough to keep them.


They are very useful for our dogs when the weather its too hot.


During the spring, in the facilities, weeds start growing and there are a lot of bugs harmful to our dogs.

We need a mower that we could use to maintain the facilities safe from these bugs.

Mail stamps

They are very useful for us, because we always need to send a letter to our associates and adopters and, with the increased the number of these people, the expenses are bigger. If you send us a letter with a couple of stamps inside , we reduce the expenses considerably and you will help us without effort.


We need all kind of tools because we are always repairing and jobs. Every tool that you don´t use or need, can be very useful hear.


We use flanges of different sizes to each situation: to hold the mesh in summer, to close pet carriers, ensure the IDs, etc.


Larges, shorts, circuit boards….