International adoptions

Given that the number of national adoptions does not make up for the abandonment rate in Spain, practically half of all animals rescued by ANAA end up finding a forever home abroad. In Northern Europe, adoption is the number one choice for families when it comes to finding a pet to share their life with.


Through reliable German organizations, that have been working with us for many years, ANAA looks for families, foster homes or Adoption Centers that are willing to help any of our animals. Once the regulatory controls have been passed, we make the necessary arrangements for the pet to travel, by land, in our van, or by plane.


Apart from taking in many of our animals, these organizations share with us their expertise, that we try to apply to our shelter.


We are aware that the answer to the problem of abandoned animals in Spain lies within our borders, and international adoptions should be a temporary solution and the last resort to find a home for animals at our shelter. However, these costly trips are still necessary due to the lack of potential adopters in our country to rehome the more than 2,000 animals that ANAA takes in every year. This is the reason why ANAA’s focus is to encourage pet adoption nationwide. We would rather it wasn’t necessary to turn to other countries for help due to the lack of education and awareness in ours, that result in an staggering number of abandoned animals and very low adoption rates.