Flight Sponsors


If you are travelling to Germany and you want to help animals that have a family waiting for them there, write with your flight details to anaa@anaaweb.org.

In Germany, adoption is the first option of almost any family that considers being one more. They have more than 600 animal welfare organizations, more than 2 million partners and a number of residual abandonment every 3 minutes.


The cooperation based on the knowledge and mutual trust with German associations that have been collaborating with us for years, helps to find definitive families, foster homes or adoption centers there that want to help some of the animals.


Like those adopted here, they will be followed for life by us.


With the flight sponsors help, animals can get to their destinations faster than going by our ground transportation by van. On one of the ten trips that are made annually.

Being a flight sponsor doesn’t involve any cost for you, you only have to pick up the animal when you land and then give it at the destination airport.


If your destination matchs with one of the adoptions, the reservation for the animal with your airline will be made once the destination airport is confirmed. A volunteer will be in charge of approaching the animal to the airport, billing and paying all costs for the animal or animals that would travel with you. He will also accompain you until it has been shipped.Once at your destination, you will have to wait for the animal at the respective belt and take it to the waiting room where the family or the representative of the German organization will be. You will be provided with germany telephone numbers and emergency spanish numbers to consult any issue.