What does it mean?

People frequently wish to help homeless dogs, cats, rabbits or piggies but, because they have no time or means, or because they already share their life with other animals, they cannot adopt.


In these cases, ANAA offers the possibility of sponsoring them. To sponsor an animal implies covering part of the costs originated by the animal’s care in the Center by paying a monthly fee of minimum 20 euros for its basic food and veterinary care.


The sponsor may go to ANAA on Saturdays, from 12.00 to 18.00H in order to visit the sponsored pet. A volunteer will attend and accompany him the whole time and solve any doubt that may arise, ensuring that both the sponsor and the sponsored pet enjoy the time they spend together. This is a very special moment for all the animals of the Center. Dogs, catsv, our lovely Vietnamese female pigs, thank enormously the love they receive. What’s more, depending on the species, the sponsor contributes to the learning process of the pet, or helps him improve his socialization. This is essential and increases significantly the possibilities of adoption. For example, many dogs and cats are not used to contact with people; you can help them start trusting humans and interacting with them. Some animals have no problems with these matters, you can help them improve aspects such as the use of the leash (dogs) or manipulation (some animals may still be a little reluctant to being touched or caressed). And of course, with those animals with whom you enjoy a perfect relationship, simply spend time with them, pamper them and play with them.


Sponsorship becomes a wonderful and gratifying experience. The sponsor can see how, thanks to his love and to the time he has spent with the pet, its quality of life and wellbeing improve considerably. And if the dog, cat or pig is adopted, you can sponsor any other animal of the Center.


Many of our animals have gone through rough times and our sponsors’ dedication becomes the beginning of a new life. This is why the whole team of ANAA wishes to thank all your efforts, love and time.


If you want to know the story of some of our sponsors and their sponsored pets, click here.

If you want to become a sponsor

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If you wish to sponsor, but you don’t know yet what animal, come to our Adoption Center any Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00 h. A volunteer will introduce you to the animals and will recommend those who suit better your requirements. Remember, your contribution is tax deductible.


Once you have chosen the animal, either in the Center or because you have visited the Adopt Section, you can do it either:

  • Directly from the file of the animal in the Adopt Section, by clicking “SPONSOR”
  • Filling up the “Sponsoring form” with your personal data and your bank data (if you have any doubt about the method of payment, you can contact web@anaaweb.org)
  • Unloading and filling up the “Sponsoring form” with your data, indicating the name of the animal you wish to sponsor. You can print it and send it by post

Apartado de Correos 197
28140 Fuente el Saz de Jarama
Madrid (España)

Many animals are expecting you and want to share your affection and your time. Don’t wait any longer.


If you have any doubt, if you want more information about “SPONSORS”, write to socios@anaaweb.org