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If you have any question you can contact us here

Everyday  we receive a lot of mails and phone calls, most of them to inform us about the abandon of  a new animal. Please, be patient and, do not help the animal while we are replying you, as soon as possible.

Contact telephone

(Tuesday to Friday, 10:00am to 15:00pm)

We recommend you to contact with us preferably by email, because the phone can be saturated.

Choose the department to contact with. This allows us to answer quickly.

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Emails of ANAA

Please, do not write to all the accounts, choose who you want to contact with and the reason, Thank you!

General: anaa@anaaweb.org
Adoptions: adopciones@anaaweb.org
Contact to the associates: socios@anaaweb.org
Contact to the sitters y Y-ayos: canguros@anaaweb.org
Contact to the Patrons: apadrinamientos@anaaweb.org
Press and Marketing office, also collaboration and donations: prensaymarketing@anaaweb.org

Contact to the collaborating clinics: cvcolaboradores@anaaweb.org
Applicants to education campaign for children and young people in education centers: educacion@anaaweb.org
Volunteers: voluntarios@anaaweb.org
About ANAA´s web: web@anaaweb.org
Formation Room: saladeformacion@anaaweb.org
Veterinary Center: cvanaa@anaaweb.org