Do you want to be a “SITTER”?

What does being a “sitter” means?

Some of the animals who arrive to ANAA, dogs, cats, rabbits, need special cares due to their age or their health, physical as well as mental.


We need temporary homes for these animals while we take care of their health and look for a definitive home.


ANAA covers all their needs: food, veterinary care, medication, if  needed,  a kennel or another home if you have to leave.


The Adoption Center is not a suitable place for puppies. Many of them have not been vaccinated, or are very weak. We do our very best to take care of them, but they can become ill. And when they are so young,  diseases are usually deadly, or, at best, they can cause severe after-effects.


Moreover, the socialization process takes place during that first period of their development. A home is therefore the best place in which to learn how to interact with humans, as well as to understand human habits and behaviour.


Unfortunately, we may only accept sitters who live in Madrid and its Community, as puppies must be taken often to the Adoption Center to be vaccinated and, hopefully, to be adopted.



We also have adult animals who need a temporary home. They may have been recently operated, or they are convalescing, and they need a quiet place in which they can recover. And if they need any specific treatment, they will accept it better if they live in a home.


Animals which arrive to ANAA suffer sometimes fears that they are unable to overcome at the Center. They need a quieter and friendlier environment in which they can rest, observe and appreciate their new life.


In these cases, a foster home is crucial. In a home, animals progress infinitely faster than in the Adoption Center.


Many of the rescued animals are old. They have had a wretched life. And it would be very sad if they died in the Center without knowing the warmth, the love and the happiness of a home.


Finding adopters for oldies is very complicated. Families usually prefer puppies or young animals because they will live longer. But we often forget that the time we share with an oldie will be much more intense. His capacity for gratitude is infinite and his eyes are much gentler, because he does not have to prove anything, he just has to love and be loved. Most of these animals are house trained and this makes the adaptation easier. They are quiet, they avoid problems with other animals and need less activity.


We ask you to be their great opportunity. Foster one of the oldies for an indefinite period of time. We will do our utmost to find a definitive home. But please, give him, now, the chance to be cuddled, to enjoy a soft bed, walks, friends and love.


Do you have any other animals at home?
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If you want to be a sitter, you can fill up the “sitter” form. The Center will contact you to confirm your data and to offer further information.


If you have any doubt, any question, about being a sitter at ANAA, you can write to: