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Club of collaborating companies with ANNA

Music therapy

It is well known the beneficial effects of the music such as develop and restore the functions of the living beings in order to achieve a better quality of life throw prevention, rehabilitation and treatment.
To develop a project in our Adoption Center that allow our pets enjoy the benefits of this therapeutic technique with the animals in adoption and use the music, we need the installation of a audio system.

Zonas de adiestramiento y agility

Is important that the animals of our Adoption Center, as many of them that have been here, have a chance to learn a lot of new things, which improve the coexistence in their new homes and lives and how to do exercise; for both situations we need adequate facilities. Throw these outdoor sports and educational games they can share a special moment as well as they look after and reinforce their health.

Pet Grooming

Many of the animals came here with tangles in their hair, without anyone have bathing them in their life… To improve their image and hygiene we need an appropriate area to achieve this. A bath that they can dropped into it without harm themselves even the oldest, silent air dryers so they cannot feel nervous, specials shampoos and diverse material of grooming that they can help us.

Ambiental Enrichment of the facilities

In order to our dogs and cats enjoy a positive and pleasant environment, we are searching for a company or a self-employed who works painting murals or in the world of the Illustration and he want to use his knowledge of art in favour of the animals.


Throughout the year, ANAA makes different charity  events  to raise funds for the abandoned animals: Dogs contest without breed of dog, Concerts, Paddle and Tenis Tournaments, Christmas Party…  If you have a company that can help us with donation prizes or other things like that, don’t be hesitate to contact with us.

Advantages of belong to The Collaboratives Companies of ANAA Club


  • To differentiate of other companies due to its commitment and its support to the animal protection.<
  • Improve the social recognition and the prestige of your company.
  • Accrediting diploma of belong to The Collaboratives Companies of ANAA Club.
  • Get a Citation Plaque in the Adoption Center of ANAA with the name of the company that has help to fund the project.
  • Receipt the newsletter 4 Patas for free, specialized in information about animal protection and nature to distribute between your employees.
  • Participate in different events organized by ANAA.
  • Appearance in ANAA´s web and the newsletter 4 Patas.
  • Reference in the Environment memory or social of the company.


* The companies will be members of The Collaboratives Companies of ANAA Club after conclude a temporal or indefinite contract with ANAA. This contract would be renewable only if both parts agree.


If you want to belong to this special Club, don’t be hesitate to fulfil this application or you can contact with us at this address: prensaymarketing@anaaweb.org

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